[BS/RBS list] TONIGHT! - Dov Shurin - Kumsitz / Simchat Beit Shoeva

Kehillat Ahava VeSimcha kavrbs at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 6 04:09:11 EDT 2009

Kumsitz amd Simcha Beit Shoeva for MEN
Tuesday night at 8:00pm with

Composer, singer, radio broadcaster -  Dov Shurin 

at the Eisenberg family sukkah at Nachal Timna 10\17, RBS. 

Shurin, known for his pro-Jewish, pro-religious, pro-Eretz Yisrael ballads, has composed and sings among others the classics, "Zachreini Na", "Velo Yinatshu Od".

Light refreshments will be served.


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